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Box of Ribbon - Monthly Subscription

Sign up today to receive our monthly subscription box of amazing ribbons, mesh, signs, etc....

Every month we will send out a new box... what's in our subscription boxes?


Each box has a collection of items that coordinate.... some months we might include signs, mesh, picks, etc....

but one  thing that we will always send...


You can never have enough ribbon! 

For just $60 a month you'll receive some pretty awesome supplies right to your door!

HURRY! Don't miss out!

Boxes are limited!

$60.00 (FREE Shipping)


So who can benefit from our monthly subscription box? EVERYONE! 

FOR THE BEGINNER CRAFTER: Knowing where to start and what looks good together can be overwhelming. When you subscribe to our monthly box Summer will handpick your materials for you. She takes all the hard work away, you get to just craft and create. Each box will be filled with materials that coordinate so there is no wrong way to use them.  

FOR THE EXPERIENCED CRAFTER: Often those of us who have been crafting for years begin to have a "style". We tend to gravitate towards the same feel or color schemes. With our subscription box Summer will help you get out of your comfort zone. She may send you color schemes that you never would have thought of but you end up falling in love with. 


No matter what your crafting experience is, there are so many reasons you'll
love our subscription boxes...

AMAZING PRODUCTS FOR AN AMAZING PRICE: The value of the materials you receive each month will always be worth more than you paid. So not only will you have more time to craft, since you don't have to spend time choosing your supplies, it's also like receiving beautiful ribbons for free!

SURPRISES ARE FUN: Okay, so there are some bad surprises but our ribbon boxes will never be one of them. Every time you open your door and see a Designer DIY box waiting for you, you are going to squeal with excitement.

You know that inside that box is an amazing collection of COORDINATING crafting supplies Summer has chosen for the season. 

EASY PEASY: Sign up once and receive beautiful things every month. The automatic payments will come out the same day everyday month. 
Nothing else you have to do. Just watch the ribbon come rolling in. 

Need to take a break from you subscription? No problem.
It's very easy to cancel anytime. 

FREE SHIPPING: That's right. FREE.
You sign up for our ribbon subscription box and we will cover the rest.
We will make sure your beautiful supplies show up on your doorstep every month.



WHAT WILL I BE GETTING? Each box will contain several bolts of beautiful, coordinating wired ribbons in an assortment of sizes. Plus, we add matching mesh, sign, pick and/or a perfect accent to the collection. Summer will hand choose each item to not only coordinate with each other but she will also have them coordinate with the up coming season/holiday. 
Scroll down to see some examples of the type of things you will receive. 

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? $60 a month with free shipping. 

WHEN WILL I BE RECEIVING MY GOODIES? We will ship out your subscription box the first week of every month until you cancel. 

 IS THIS A WREATH KIT OR BOW KIT? We do offer both of those types of kits but this is NOT A KIT, it is something totally unique. This box is an assortment of coordinating supplies you can use to make anything! For some ideas of different things you can make check out all of our FREE tutorials at

If you are interested in a kit that includes everything you need to make a wreath or bow (including written instructions) you can find them here
Wreath Kits or Bow Kits

Share your creations with us by tagging @DesignerDIYshop on your posts. 

CAN I GET MORE OF WHAT I LOVE IN THE BOX? Most of the items in the box can be found at 
However, some boxes may contain fun items that are exclusive to our subscription box members. 

CAN I RETURN OR EXCHANGE ITEMS I RECEIVE? You can cancel anytime but items in the box cannot be returned or exchanged. 

HOW DO I SIGN UP? Simply click the Subscribe button at the top of the page and it will redirect you to PayPal for all the necessary information.  

WHEN IS THE PAYMENT PROCESSED? Your first payment will be processed on the day you sign up. All subsequent payments will be processed on that same day each month.

CAN I SIGN UP ANYTIME? Our boxes have a limited quantity. We fill them on a first come basis. If you are signed up for a previous month you are guaranteed a box for the next month, unless you cancel before the 20th. If we have any openings we will release them when available. So be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you know when boxes are available for new members. 

HOW DO I CANCEL? There are two easy ways to cancel. You can log in to your PayPal account and cancel there or email us at

If you cancel AFTER the 20th of the month you will STILL receive and be charged for the following month's box. Then your subscription will be cancelled.

HOW DO I CHANGE MY PERSONAL INFO (ADDRESS, EMAIL, PAYMENT INFO)? All of your personal info is securely managed by PayPal. To change you address, payment info or to cancel, simply log in to your PayPal account and make all changes there. 

WHERE DO YOU SHIP TO? At this time our subscription boxes are only available to the 48 contiguous states. 



Examples of Subscription Boxes


Share your creations with us by tagging @DesignerDIYshop on your posts.