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10.5" White Faux Jute with Red Foil Stripe Mesh

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This white deco mesh with red foil stripes is perfect for every season! Use for wreaths, garlands, swags and decorations!

This mesh is 10.5" wide and 10 yards long.
Materials: Faux Jute / PP Stripe (Polypropylene/Polyester)

Sick of that cheap mesh that’s thin and frays like crazy? We’ve taken the time to find amazing, high-quality mesh that not only works great but is vibrant and BEAUTIFUL!

  • Several different types of mesh to choose from
  • Vibrant colors
  • Amazing low prices

This is so much better than using Walmart or Dollar Store mesh! Using a higher quality mesh will ensure that your projects will last so much longer and stay beautiful throughout the years.

10.5" White Faux Jute with Red Foil Stripe Mesh