Blue is great for fall...but does it work for Christmas?

Blue is great for fall...but does it work for Christmas?

Navy is the color of the year!

     When we think of using navy in our decorating we usually think of it as a color only for patriotic holidays: 4th of July, Flag Day, President's Day, etc. 

     Now navy is used for every holiday! Even Christmas? Yup, even Christmas. Below I will show you some great color combinations to put with navy for fall and winter. 

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       "Orange" you glad navy is so popular?! I love combining burnt orange with navy to create a very warm combo. These two deep colors together just feel like a warm hug. I added ivory to this group to add just a pop of bright. If you love to just stay with warm colors navy and deep orange look great together even without the pop of bright. 



Mix blues for fall

     Mix it up baby! This group is fabulous with the mix of all different shades of blue. The cute truck sign is closer to an aqua color while the frosted blueberries in the pumpkin pick bring out the farmhouse blue shades. So of course I want to bring out all these colors with our ribbons. The farmhouse blue stripe really goes great with the deep navy linen. The aqua glitter brings out the green shades of the truck and leaves in the pick. Don't be afraid to mix different shades of the same color family. 


      A blue Christmas never looked so good. The dark navy color looks so deep and regal. And did I put silver and champagne together? Yes I did! Using silvers and golds together is no longer a designing faux pas. These sparkling colors mixed with navy are perfect for an elegant and regal Christmas. The 4" ribbon is a solid navy with a champagne glitter grid overlay that is a perfect match for the navy with champagne glitter snowflakes. I added the pine cone picks because the natural color of the pine cones mixed with the silver glitter frosting tie in perfectly with this collection. 


     For this navy, teal and moss combination I started with one ribbon as my inspiration. Can you guess which one? The navy with teal mittens and moss trees. I have always loved this ribbon. This color combination is so unique for Christmas and I just think its gorgeous! The coordinating fuzzy plaid throws in a touch of red which I like because it breaks of the blues and greens. The teal velvet and the wide, sequined knit moss ribbon scream winter! This combination is for all of you that love that cozy winter feeling. 

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