Designer DIY

Want to learn how to
make bows?

You'll  be amazed at just how easy it is to make a bow. With our bow kits, we
include all the materials needed, along with easy to follow instructions.
We offer beginner bow kits as well as more advanced bow kits.

Our goal is to make your
crafting experience not
only easy, but FUN!

Beginner Bow Kits

The Craft Bow

The easiest bow to make, that is great for adding onto wreaths, gifts, tree toppers and so much more! This is our most popular 5 layer bow.
2 ways to learn this style of bow.
By hand or by using our bow maker. Both kits are available and include either written instructions or a video tutorial.

What comes in this kit?
  • 5 wired ribbons (cut to size)
  • 1 floral wire
  • Center ribbon
  • Instructions

What makes
Designer DIY the best

  • Best Quality

    We carry high quality materials that make a huge difference when bow making.
  • Easy to Learn

    We have created easy to follow, step-by-step instructions to help you learn how to make each bow.
  • Fast Delivery

    We get our orders shipped out right away so you can start crafting as soon as possible.
  • One Stop Shop

    We offer coordinating products so you can get everything you need at the same time. Wreaths, Bows, and Decor that matches!
Our Featured

Bright Everyday Bow Kit | Pink Orange Yellow

One of our favorite bows for spring and summer!
This bow can be added to wreaths, used on a gift, as a party decoration and so much more.
Everything you need to make this bow is included.
  •  High quality ribbons
  •  Floral wire
  •  Center ribbon
  • Instructions

Beginner Bow Kits

Our beginner bow kits are the easiest bows to learn to make. You don't need any crafting experience.
We've created easy to follow, step-by-step instructions!

Say goodbye to hand cramps!
With our technique you don't need to hold all the layers at the same time. 

Once you've learned the basic bow making skills you can move on to our Advanced Bow Kits. 

Advanced Bow Kits

Our advanced bow kits are still easy but require at least a little bit of experience.

We offer a variety of bow kits for you to choose from. We also offer several different Digital Tutorials that show you even more ways to make bows.

A few of our favorites...

Here are a few of our favorite top selling beginner bow kits!
Designer DIY

Do you struggle with making bows?

We have simplified the bow making process! With our bow kits and tutorials, you'll learn, step-by-step, how to make some pretty amazing bows and they're EASY!

We offer a variety of bow kits, so make sure to read the descriptions so you know exactly what type of kit your are ordering. Some of our kits include written instructions and some include a video tutorial that is available for digital download.