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Bring on the Bright

by Summer Goodrich on March 08, 2021

Neutral soft tones can be beautiful for winter but when spring comes...
bring on the bright! 

In my opinion, the more colors in a creation the better. You can never have too many colors in a wreath or bow. Okay, that's not true. If you aren't careful you can have a lot of clashing colors that make your creation look more messy than magnificent. But if you choose the right coordinating colors you can have a gorgeous explosion of color. When designing with a lot of different colors choose one ribbon or sign to design from. In this case the rainbow ribbon was my inspiration and I chose coordinating colors based off that one ribbon. As long as you have one item that ties all the colors together, go wild and crazy as you choose the materials for your creation. 
I couldn't 'bee' more in love with this black, white and yellow combo. Insects and fruit are perfect for spring and summer! Pairing the bright yellow bees and lemons with black and white really draws your eye to the main theme of your design. This two sided narrow black and white dot ribbon works great for the tails of any bow. As the ribbon curls down you can see the mini polka dots on both sides. 
Speaking of fruit for spring and summer how sweet is this collection.
Watermelon décor is so cheerful. 
Whether you go with traditional red/green watermelon or brighten it up a little with the pink/lime version your creation is sure to make mouths water. 
There is a reason sunflowers are known as the 'happy' flower. How could you look at this collection and not be happy? The look of the tan faux linen as the backdrop of the yellow sunflowers makes this feel so natural, like you are in a charming garden. I added the navy as a contrast to the bright yellow. The navy stays with the garden theme as the blue accents resemble the blue sky filling your beautiful sunflower garden.
Springtime is a perfect time for bright colors, crafting and bike rides.
This adorable collection has all three. The pink and aqua combination is so playful and cheery. While the black and white adds a dramatic touch which makes this assortment perfect for any spring and summer craft you want to design. 

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