Fruit Ribbons That Are So Sweet

Fruit Ribbons That Are So Sweet

Here are some of our favorite craft supplies for spring and summer.
Strawberry Ribbon     I don't know if fruit can be called cheerful, but if it could, that is exactly how I would describe strawberries. This wired strawberry ribbon brings a smile to my face every time I look at it. This strawberry ribbon has the sweet detail of tiny daises. I didn't want these daisies to be overlooked so I added the bright yellow ribbons to draw out the flower's yellow center. The wide, wired yellow burlap not only adds to the yellow but it also gives some fun texture to this collection. 
Lemon wired ribbon
Lemons with black and white is a classic for a reason. It is gorgeous.
The crisp feel black and white ribbons create go perfectly with this
crisp, wired lemon ribbon. 
Did you see the 4" wired check ribbon? It has a yellow backing!
It's like it was made to go with this lemon collection. 

natural lemon wired ribbon
If natural is more of what you are looking for, you have found it. 
This collection we wanted to give a very one-with-nature vibe.
These ribbons make me want to throw down a picnic blanket in the meadow, watch the clouds go by and sip my lemonade. 
That is why we added the yellow, picnic check, wired ribbon and the
fluffy/cloudy edge natural and white stripe ribbon. 
And no picnic is complete without polka dots. 

All of these sweet ribbon collections are perfect for any spring or summer project.
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