Wired Ribbons for wreath making.

How to design a wreath for your door!

Do you struggle picking out your ribbon for a wreath?

Many of you have asked how we decide which ribbons to use together when we design a wreath.

I'm here to explain to you our process and just how easy it is!



Step 1: What's your theme?

Whenever we start to design a wreath, first we pick out our sign or decor that we will be using on it. This gives us an idea of what colors to coordinate with it.


Step 2: The method to the madness!

Our most popular wreaths and wreath kits are a design that uses 9 different wired ribbons that we add onto the top ring of the wreath, once all of our mesh has been added to the wreath form.

You'll want to pick 9 different WIRED ribbons in a variety of widths. (1.5", 2.5" or 4")

We use only 1 yard of each of these wired ribbons, so you don't need a lot.

Since we cut these ribbons into 12" pieces, you'll end up with 3 pieces of each ribbon. Our wreath forms have 8 bendable pine branches on the top ring that we add ribbon onto, in groups of 3's.

Step 3: The design.

We will be dividing our ribbons into 3 separate groups. (You'll have 3 groups of 3 ribbons)

ribbons for wreath

When choosing your ribbons, try to keep in mind how they will be divided up. You need a variety of colors, solids, patterns, glitters, etc. and you will want to spread them out. (Example: you don't want all your solids together in 1 grouping)

We try to divide our polka dots or plaids so that each grouping has a variety of patterns and colors.

I hope this helps explain our thought process when we design a wreath. If you have any questions, you can email us at designerdiyshop@gmail.com.


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