Must-Haves For Crafting!

Must-Haves For Crafting!

Must-Haves for Crafting!

Are you new to crafting? Wanna know all the tips and tricks? We've organized a list of our favorites that we use every day. We mainly make wreaths here at Designer DIY but most of these products you can use for just about any type of craft. Here is our list of must-haves for crafting! (This page includes affiliate links – my full disclosure statement is available {here})


Number 1 on the list...ROTARY CUTTER.

When needing so many pieces of mesh for wreaths, these are a must have to literally CUT your time in half. You see what I did there? :) 

Here is the link to our favorite cutters... Rotary Cutters we love!



You can't have one without the other...

Next on the list...CUTTING MAT!

If you want to use a rotary cutter for your materials, you're going to want to get an amazing cutting mat!

Here is the link to our favorite cutting mat...

We use the 18"x24" size :)


Don't forget your FRAY CHECK!

Keep all your beautiful ribbon from fraying. Glide some Fray Check right across the cut edges of your ribbon for a perfect sealed edge. This stuff is amazing and will keep your projects looking like new for years!

Get it here- Fray Check, Dritz – Designer DIY (



Do you use a lot of hot glue?

We use our hot glue gun for just about anything...and when we need to step it up a notch...we use our HOT GLUE SKILLET!!

Here is the link to the skillet we use for our glue :)


Next on the list...GOOD GLUE STICKS!

We use Gorilla brand glue sticks and LOVE them!

Get your glue sticks here...





If you need a good hot glue gun, here is a link to one we love!







If you want durable scissors that will last forever...LOOK NO FURTHER! These scissors are AMAZING and very well made.

Click here to order:






Last, but not may notice something that Summer and I can't craft without....ENERGY!

Celsius Peach Mango Green Tea to the rescue! It's AMAZING!



We will continue adding to this list whenever we discover another MUST HAVE!


The links in this blog are affiliate links for Designer DIY.
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