Sharon and Summer’s Eggcelent Easter Favorites

Sharon and Summer’s Eggcelent Easter Favorites

        Easter is such a ‘hoppy’ holiday. The colors are so cheerful, children are so giddy and we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus! Throw some candy and gorgeous Easter bows in the mix and you have an AMAZING holiday!
            Sharon and I love the different color options that go with Easter.  We have each come up with different color combos to inspire you to cherish the classics or think outside the basket with new color combinations. Whatever colors speak to you, remember, you always want to use good, strong wired ribbon when decorating. All the ribbons we show you are great wired Easter ribbons. 

Sharon’s Top Ribbon Choices for Easter 2022

        If you know Sharon, it’s no surprise her favorite Easter collection has aqua in it. She is a true believer that aqua works for every holiday. In this collection she started with the adorable bunny truck ribbon that has so much detail. The little carrots, the cute bunny tail and I love that this ribbon has a white fluffy edge to really capture the idea of a fluffy white bunny. To bring out the load of carrots this little bunny is taking to market, Sharon added a bright carrot ribbon and an amazing three-dimensional burlap carrot. I like this carrot because it adds depth and texture to a project or your décor.
            When she added the dramatic touch of bold white and black stripes, glitter harlequin and TWO-SIDED polka dot…WOW! I love how the orange of the carrots is so striking against the black and white.  To bring out the aqua of the truck she added the sweet touch of aqua pin dot. This collection definitely proves Sharon is right, aqua is amazing for every holiday.

wired Easter Ribbons 

Summer’s Top Ribbon Choices for Easter 2022

            I feel like I was more than a little inspired by Sharon’s collection. I really do love the way every color pops when it’s with black and white. I used the classic orange carrot theme with a twist. When I saw that a ribbon was 4” wide, was two-sided with plaid and polka dots I knew I had to use it. It has everything I love in 1 ribbon! This is the ribbon I used to build this collection around. I then chose another 4” dot ribbon. If you haven’t guessed yet, 4” wide wired ribbon is my all-time favorite width of ribbon. The carrot décor ties in perfectly with the orange in the plaid. I really wanted to bring more attention to the carrot theme, so I added these other fun wired orange ribbons to make it very carroty….that’s a word right?
            Remember when I said I wanted to add a twist to my collection? With cute, curly picks I took that literally. Adding picks to your Easter wreath or any Easter project is so easy and really gives it a more finished look. These picks are fully wired so it makes it even easier to add and shape them into anything.  

Easter wired ribbon

wide wired ribbon
Here is a list of all the items we used in these collections:

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