Woodland Christmas

Woodland Christmas

     As a girl living in the desert I love decorating with woodland decor. Seeing the pine and flocked snow around my house makes my 80 degree Christmas feel a little cooler. If you live where the woodland feel is all around you then decorating your home with these combinations will bring the beautiful outdoors, indoors.  


    Christmas green, kelly green, emerald green...whatever you call it this green is a bright and cheerful color to add to your Christmas. I paired white and Christmas green in this collection to resemble a snow covered meadow. The snow flocked pine represents the surrounding forest that is covered in a snowy blanket. This Christmas green and white combination is perfect for a clean, crisp holiday.



     Plaid Christmas trees...so cute! I not only love the different styles of plaid used on the Christmas tree ribbon but I love the colors. Red, green, gold, cream and black are so festive together. I paired it with our ready made wreath to bring together the pine Christmas tree motif. The wide red grid ribbon and the red/green/gold plaid go with the square check patterns of the plaid trees. That is also why I added the red fabric mesh because it's design is a tiny red grid. The metallic in the green and striped mesh bring out the gold sparkle accents of the ribbons. 



     Rejoice our Savior is born! Although this collection is similar to the one above I went more natural feel here. This hand painted wood sign has so many beautiful details. The holly ribbon with red berries ties with the greenery and berries both on the sign and the pine stem. The flocked green Christmas tree ribbon blends with the different shades of green on the sign. I do realize I put two different snowflake ribbons in this collection. I put the 4" linen with red glitter snowflakes in because it is wide, gorgeous and makes a statement in contrast to all the small patterns in the other ribbons. The 2.5" wide snowflake ribbon has two shades of red which ties in the natural variances of red in the berries.  The linen and burlap mixed with snowflake and flocked snow feels like you are taking a nature walk through a stunning snowy forest. 


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