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How To Make A Craft Bow | Digital Download

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Learn how to make a craft bow with this digital download of our craft bow instructions.

**This product is a digital download** NOT BOW SUPPLIES.

Learn how easy it is to make a craft bow with our written instructions!

Here you will be able to follow step by step instructions, with photos, to make a bow.

Level: Easy/Beginner

What style of bow are these instructions for?
These instructions are going to teach you how to make a 5-layer craft bow. Perfect for wreaths, decor, gift wrapping and more!

What supplies will you need to make this type of bow:
-5 different ribbons in a variety of widths. We usually like to have 1 or 2 that are 1.5" wide, and the rest 2.5" wide.
-1 floral wire
-Thin ribbon to cover the center of the bow. (OPTIONAL)
-Hot glue gun if you want to use a ribbon to go around the center of the bow.
*Supplies are not included with these instructions.

How do you download the digital instructions?
Once you complete your check out a pop up should appear asking you to download. If you have any issues downloading the instructions, please email us at

 ***Sharing of these instructions is prohibited and is only to be used by the purchaser. Designer DIY is the owner of the instructions
By purchasing these instructions, you are agreeing to this disclaimer: It is strictly prohibited to show, share, or disclose the contents of these instructions on ANY social media outlets, classes, seminars, groups or gatherings.

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