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Navy Snowflake Bow Making Kit | Advanced

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Learn how to make a beautiful bow by hand, with this easy Christmas bow making kit. This bow kit includes all of the supplies needed and a detailed video tutorial to get you started on this simple project. With our easy-to-make bows, you can take all of your home decor, wreaths, and decorations to a whole new level.

Add this bow onto a wreath, gift basket, mailbox, or home decor!


This DIY bow kit includes: 

  • 8 wired ribbons (cut to length)
  • 1 center ribbon
  • 1 wire
  • Step by step video tutorial (A link to our video tutorial is emailed to you after you complete checkout)

What kind of bow will this kit make? 

This bow kit will teach you how to make a 8 layered large craft bow. These bows are perfect to add onto wreaths, gifts, lanterns, mailboxes or used as tree toppers! This style of bow has 18" long tails. You can cut the tails as short as you'd like or curl the tails. The finished bow is about a 23" from top to bottom.


Do you struggle with choosing which products to use when designing a bow? 


Do you get overwhelmed just thinking which ribbons match your sign/decor or how many different patterns and designs there are to choose from? 


We are here to help you!
With over 30 years of crafting experience, we have mastered and simplified the bow making process. 
With our easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions you can go from a beginner to a PRO! 


Do your hands ache after making a bow?
This bow making technique makes 1 layer at a time that gets tied with the wire, so you don't have to hold all of your layers at the same time. Say goodbye to aching hands!


Our DIY bow kits are for everyone, no matter how experienced you are. Our goal is to organize amazing products together for you. These kits take away the headache of trying to choose coordinating materials. 

Our DIY bow kits make the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys crafting.