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Tan Wreath Forms | Set of 3

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3 Natural/Tan wreath bases for creating mesh wreaths. These wreath bases come with the tan pine branches already attached. They work just like twist ties, just add your mesh and ribbons onto it and twist the pine branches around them to secure.

This is a SET OF 3 wreath bases for only $26.99!

These are 15-inch wreath forms that come with 18 groups of pine branches.

Dimensions: The metal ring frame has a 15" diameter, the pine branches spread out have a 24" diameter. These wreath forms are sometimes labeled "15 inch forms" or "24 inch forms" depending on where you order them from. See the photo for example.

Our completed wreaths, using these forms, vary from about 24" to 30" depending on the technique you are using to make your wreath.