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Welcome DIY Wreath Kit

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This Welcome DIY Wreath Kit is perfect for every season! This is a wild way to greet your guest with the awesome leopard print ribbon! 

Learn how to make a beautiful wreath for your door with this Welcome DIY Wreath Kit. Each kit includes all of the supplies needed and detailed instructions to get you started on this simple project. With our easy-to-make wreaths, your home will feel cozy and inviting all year long. 

You'll be the envy of your neighbors with this beautiful wreath hanging on your door! This wreath is perfect for every season!


Each kit includes:

  • 1 wreath form
  • 1 mesh (10 yards)
  • 5 wired ribbons (10 yds each)
  • 1 sign
  • Instructions (We include instructions that are emailed to you after checkout is completed, but you can make just about any style of wreath you want with the amount of materials included in this kit)


This type of wreath kit is not style specific. We include enough materials to let your imagination run wild. With the combinations we put together, you can use any technique you want, and your wreath will be gorgeous! 



What size wreath will this kit make? 
The finished wreath will be about 25 inches in diameter.  (If you decide to use the included instructions)



Do you struggle with choosing which products to use when designing a wreath?  

Do you get overwhelmed just thinking which ribbons match your sign/decor or how many different patterns and designs there are to choose from?  

We are here to help you!  

With over 30 years of wreath making experience, we have mastered and simplified the wreath making process.  
With our easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions you can go from a beginner to a PRO!  


Our DIY wreath kits are for everyone, no matter how experienced you are. Our goal is to organize amazing products together for you. These kits take away the headache of trying to choose coordinating materials.  

Our DIY wreath kits make the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys crafting.   


Want to earn a FREE wreath kit?  

Host a wreath party and you’ll receive your wreath kit for FREE when you have 6 or more guests. Guests must purchase their wreath kits from Designer DIY. If you are interested in learning more about hosting a wreath party, email us today at