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Easter DIY Wreath Kit | Purple & Buffalo Check

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This Easter bunny DIY Wreath Kit is so adorable! Learn how easy it is to make a wreath and the kit comes with all the supplies you need!

This DIY kits includes:
1 wreath form
2 bolts of high-quality mesh
1 bottle of Fray Check
9 different ribbons (1 yd each)
Sign and plush carrots

Finished wreath dimensions: Approximately a 24-inch diameter.

Have you always wanted to make a full and spectacular wreath like this? But were overwhelmed and didn't know where to start?
With over 30 years of wreath making experience, we have mastered and simplified the wreath making technique.
With our easy-to-follow instructions and the markets finest materials even the least crafty person can become a wreath making expert!

*Some ribbon substitutions may be made if necessary*

Easter DIY Wreath Kit | Purple & Buffalo Check